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Green – Color of Nature | Color Names
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Green – Color of Nature

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Green is a cool color, it’s associated with nature it can mean life, renewal, and health, on the dark side it can mean envy and jealousy, green is between blue and yellow, it has the calmness of blue and the happiness of yellow, green is the symbol to those who are defending environment against pollution.

In English it’s green, in Spanish it’s verde, in French it’s vert, in Japanese it’s midori (緑), and in Arabic it’s akhdar (أخضر).

Green goes best with the blue, they give a nature theme like water and forest, with yellow and black it can give a sporty theme, while using it with purple can give a high contrast, lime green and orange give a fruity color pallet.


 Green Variations Names

The color green is one of the three main colors in the RGB system, while in the RYB it’s a mixture of blue and yellow, in this section I’m going to provide the names of other greens (shades of green) with their RGB values, and their hex codes, and some information about it.


Hunter green is a dark green shade that is worn by hunters in the 19th century, and is still worn by some hunters these days.

RGB : 53, 94, 59

Hex Code : #355E3B



A Dark green shade which refers to environmentalism.

RGB : 0, 100, 0

Hex Code : 006400


Forest green is the color of trees and plants in a forest.

RGB : 34, 139, 34

Hex Code : #228b22


Apple green the color of outer skin of a green apple, apple is also a symbol of health, they say eat an apple a day and keep he doctor away, apples also can be found in other colors like yellow and red.

RGB : 141, 182, 0

Hex Code : #8DB600


Android green this is the newest green till now, it’s the color that Google chosen for it’s operating system mascot Android.

RGB :  164, 198, 57

Hex Code : #a4c639


Lime green a yellowish green shade, the color of limes, it’s closer to yellow more than green.

RGB : 191, 255, 0

Hex Code : #BFFF00


Islamic green the color that Islamic battalion under the leading of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), in these days this color is used in Islamic countries flags, and Islamic associations.

RGB : 0, 153, 0

Hex Code :  #009900


Emerald green is a color of Emerald gemstone, a green with touch of  faint blue.

RGB : 80, 200, 120

Hex Code : #50C878



Jade is gemstone that varis in color from bright green to dark shades like teal

RGB : 0, 168, 107

Hex Code : #00A86B


Teal is a dark tone of  bluish green or cyan, and the color of the neck of a duck.

RGB : 0, 128, 128

Hex Code : #008080



Olive is the color of the green olives and a dark tone of yellow, it’s used as one of the shades on the  Army camouflage.

RGB : 128, 128, 0

Hex Code : #808000


Pistachio green a light green tone, the color of the interior part of the pistachio not?”>nut and the color of an ice-cream.”>Ice cream pistachio flavour .

RGB : 147, 197, 114

Hex Code : #93C572


Blue green is the color between blue and green and one of Cryaola crayons.

RGB : 13, 152, 186

Hex Code : #0D98BA


Mint green is a minty green represents mint freshness .

RGB : 62, 180, 137

Hex Code : #3EB489


Viridian green is another bluish green shade, the name of this shade comes from latin word viridis, in Pokemon (the gameboy color version) the first town you encounter is Viridian city, which has a greenish color scheme.

RGB : 64, 130, 109

Hex Code : #40826D