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Grey – The Neutral Color | Color Names
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Grey – The Neutral Color

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Grey color

Grey (gray) is a neutral color, it’s in the middle of black and white, so it took it’s theme from both, gray isn’t pure as white and isn’t dark as black, gray can hold opposite symbols at the same time.

In English it’s written grey and gray with the same pronunciation, in French and Spanish it’s gris with different pronunciation in each language, In Arabic it’s ramadi (رمادي), in Japanese it’s gurē (グレー).

Being between black and white, grey can point for being unsettled because it’s hard to tell it’s or .

Like and , grey is a neutral color which can go with any color without any problems, but it goes best with colors like Navy Blue, purple, bright blue, grey has a warm and cool variations, you can get them by adding the temperature you want with small amounts to grey.

Grey Variations Names

In this section I’m going to provide the names of other greys with their RGB values, and thier hex codes, and some information about it.

Ash Grey is a cool grey shade, it represents the color of ash which remains after lighting a fire.

RGB : 178, 190, 181

Hex Code : #B2BEB5

Charcoal coal

Charcoal is a cool dark grey shade, it represents the color of burnt wood.

RGB : 54, 69, 79

Hex Code : #36454F

Cool Grey is a grey and blue mixed together.

RGB : 140, 140, 172

Hex Code : #8c92ac

Blue Grey is a cool grey which was as Crayola crayon from 1985 to 1990.

RGB : 145, 163, 176

Hex Code : #91A3B0

 Slate Grey is a cool grey tone, you can have slate grey by mixing grey with small amount of azure.

RGB : 112, 128, 144

Hex Code : #708090

  Davy’s Grey, also called steel, it’s named after Henry Davy.

RGB : 85, 85, 85

Hex Code : #555555


Taupe is warm shade of brown, taupe can mean any color between grey and brown taupe grey is the grayish shade of taupe.

RGB : 139, 133, 137

Hex Code : #8B8589

Timberwolf is warm grey tone used to be as a Crayola crayon since 1993.

RGB : 219, 215, 210

Hex Code : #DBD7D2

Silver is a metallic grey shade, also it’s one of Crayola warm grey tones.

RGB : 192, 192, 192

Hex Code : #C0C0C0

Achromatic greys

Achromatic greys are the greys in RGB color system, where the three values are the same


Hex Code : XYXYXY


This is all for now , thanks for reading .