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White – Color of Purity | Color Names
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White – Color of Purity

3:59 pm 3:59 pm
by Ashraf

White ColorWhite is a neutral color which represents purity, and it can be pointed to something new, like new beginning, new life, new story, the color white is associated in minds with happiness, where is when it snows it’s a signal for children to go out and play.

In English it’s white, in French it’s blanc, in Spanish it’s blanco,in Arabic it’s abyad (أبيض) in Japanes it’s shiro (白).

White can represent purity, innocence, and safety, that’s why we see doctors wear white coats, it also can describe a new beginning, where brides wear white in mark of beginning a new family.

White and Black has the ultimate contrast, they represent light and darkness, day and night, good and bad, and so on, and being a neutral color makes it go with any kind of colors without any problems, also you can have warm or cool variations of white by adding to it small amounts of the desired temperature.