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Yellow – Color of Happiness | Color Names
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Yellow – Color of Happiness

1:31 pm 1:31 pm
by Ashraf

Yellow color

Yellow is a warm color, it’s associated with the warmness of the sun rays, yellow can mean happiness, joy, and freshness, in the other hand it can mean cowardice, hypocrisy, and sickness.

In English it’s yellow, in Spanish it’s amarillo, in French it’s jaune, in Arabic it’s asfar (أصفر), in Jappanese it’s kiiro.

Yellow is one of the three main colors in the RYB color system, though it’s not always used as a main color, it can be used alongside orange to represent health and summer, a pale yellow can work as neutral color with other richer colors, it can be used with blue as a high contrast, yellow goes well with any other warm colors like red and brown, it can go with green and lime green as a picture of lemon and lime.